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crosscom is a network of professionals who guide organisations through their digital journey.

Efficiency and quality are not contradictory for a network structure.

It allows for a continuous, global transfer of know-how.

The crosscom network




Nahomi Osunde

Nahomi maintains an overview, knows how to make collaboration fun and to get the team members' deliverables on time despite the highest workloads.

With her thesis for her degree in journalism and communication studies, Nahomi laid the foundation for the crosscom Digital Maturity Assessment to evaluate the individual digitisation level of nonprofit organisations.

In addition to her independent work as a junior client manager, she is editor-in-chief and responsible for content management. In this field she also works hand in hand with the international teams of nonprofit organisations. Here she takes on the roles of leader, trainer, troubleshooter and consultant.


Robert Hanke

Robert is the founder of the crosscom network and a digital evangelist of the first hour.

Robert became a digital transformation tour guide because he was repeatedly confronted with issues during many technology implementations that could not be resolved at the technical level.

Enabling employees to perform in a digitalised environment requires a vision. Robert helps the people in the organisations to develop this vision and to make his clients fit for the digitalised markets at the levels of people, organisation, processes, data and technology.


Alex Feuchtenhofer

Alex is responsible for the technological infrastructure of our customers.

He has almost 20 years of professional experience in the field of IT infrastructure and IT management, most recently as the managing director of an IT service provider. He is the right contact person when it comes to IT infrastructure, cloud technologies or IT security. He sees himself as the connection between technical and operational concerns in interaction with commercial and organisational issues. With his support, organisations can create their perfect technical infrastructure to be ideally prepared for the challenges ahead.



Eckart Holzinger

Eckart transforms data privacy grey areas into secure terrain and thus creates the foundation for digital strategies of international NPOs.


Eckart Holzinger moves in the triangle between technology, business and law and is an expert on the topics of data privacy and the GDPR.
He supports organisations in finding their individual way of dealing with their data and equips them with the necessary know-how to make confident and well-founded technology decisions.


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