The crosscom Digital Maturity Assessment Survey

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The DMA is the optimal positioning at the beginning of your Digital Transformation Journey!


The crosscom Digital Maturity Assessment

The crosscom DMA is a tool that helps organizations determine where they are on their journey along their Digital Transformation. 
It enables NGOs to measure their level of digitalization against industry benchmarks and gain insights into relative strengths and weaknesses in different categories:


  • User/Donor/Customer Centricity.
  • Resources (like money, infrastructure,...)
  • People (employees, volunteers, freelancers, externals,...)
  • Strategy
  • Operations (including business, adminstration, processes)
  • Technologies (you can see technology is only one part of many!)

And ultimately, it helps to identify organizational areas where actions and measures can be developed to either create quick wins, or develop longer-term, strategic perspectives for digitization. 

This cost free DMA Survey was developed by crosscom in cooperation with the AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology) especially for non-profit organizations.

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As the survey is aimed at global organizations, we currently offer the DMA Survey in English only!

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