We support organizations in their Digital Transformation Journey.

In order to remain competitive in the global, data-driven and highly competitive markets of the future, we will accompany you as digital tour guides on your journey and develop the necessary skills together.

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Digital Strategy

"Where do we stand in terms of digitalisation? Are we just reacting - to market requirements, legal framework conditions, outdated IT infrastructure, customer requirements, because software licensing forces us...? Or are we managing the transformation process in order to seize the opportunities offered by digitalisation in all organisational areas in time? Is the digital strategy already part of our DNA?"

Many managers currently ask this question. We support organisations with the Digital Maturity Assessment we have developed to determine their current level, develop an action plan together with the employees and accompany the implementation.


Digital Fundraising Strategy

Lots of new tools, changing target group behaviour, agencies with historically grown database structures, mixed data sources and too little insight - how can we put digital fundraising on a solid footing beyond search engine advertising, social media and campaign landing pages? How can we merge traditional fundraising data with online data? How can we open up new digital markets and develop suitable business models? How can we, as a global organisation, benefit from international fundraising know-how and meet the local needs of the countries despite their diverse infrastructures? We don't have a spontaneous answer to these questions. But we ask the right questions, identify the pain points and needs and, in addition to a long-term strategy, always offer pragmatic solutions when trouble strikes.


Data Infrastructure

Collect, visualise, optimise, use for performance and expand.

You already use data in various parts of the organisation - and also externally, for example with agencies. But is it being used properly? Are the potentials of the data recognised and utilised? Are you collecting too much data? Is it sitting around unused? Or is it available in a structured, usable form? You know your business - we can help you to optimise and expand your business with your data.


Competence & Digital Culture

Digital transformation does not mean introducing a tool for mindless data collection. It is about thinking in terms of data, manoeuvring with it skilfully and forming new processes autonomously in order to implement one's own visions. Digital transformation leads to the ability to act and react independently and intelligently. And to use one's own curiosity as a motor. This starts with the board of directors, who lead by example, and above all includes every single employee. We help people get curious about data. 


Technology Introductions: Internal Communications & Project-Communication

Throughout all digitisation projects and technology rollouts, it is clear that well-prepared and flexibly executed communication is 80% of the battle. Project communication prepares management and alpha users for their tasks as role models in the organisation, while internal communication gets employees on board and buffers difficult transitions. Digitisation can also be fun!







Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Transformation Journey

To remain competitive in today's market, even nonprofit organisations need to rethink internal processes. Digitization is not done with the installation of new software. Understanding and dealing with data on a day-to-day basis should become an integral part of an organization.

crosscom Digital Maturity Assessment

crosscom Digital Maturity Assessment

The crosscom Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) to evaluate the digital maturity of a nonprofit organization. We have developed a five-level scoring model specifically for nonprofits to evaluate the level of digitalization.



Der Newsroom ist die effizienteste Redaktionsform in Zeiten von Multi-Channel-Kommunikation. Der Fokus liegt nicht mehr auf einem Produkt oder Service, sondern Content wird nach Themen aufgeteilt und dann für alle Channels aufbereitet. Kollaboration statt Kooperation!

Automated controlling

Automated controlling

Together we will integrate a new, modern IT solution that ensures uniform data storage in order to be able to respond in the best possible way to current and future challenges. Furthermore, the new tools create many opportunities in the areas of fundraising, marketing, controlling, planning and reporting.

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