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No time wasted on video consumption: the essence is just one click away

Finally found the video, started it and then waited 10 long minutes for substance? "Please get to the point!" one would like to shout at the vlogger.

Written by Robert Hanke -
published on

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Sounds familiar?

Especially in conference videos, but also in tutorials and webinars, people introduce, explain, apologise, ask for applause/likes, until at some point at minute 25 the decisive announcement is made, because of which one originally started watching the video. IF it is made, that is....

But this is only the least time-consuming aspect of all. We are often not even aware of how long we have searched, scrolled, tried out search terms or even changed platforms before finally being able to click on a promising video title.

There is a parameter for this that is continuously collected. It is called "Average minutes per day spent searching for content on video on-demand services" and it now accounts for more than a third of the total time we spend on video platforms (29 minutes (searching) to 53 (viewing) for millenials, or 19 minutes (searching) to 29 (viewing) for the 35+, see study).


There is an effective remedy for this: Video Essences

The start-up GoEssential uses a table of contents as a video overlay, through which you can scroll and click to navigate precisely to the part of the video that interests you. But not only that. It is also very easy to create so-called "essences". Essences are short summaries of the most important parts of the video in an easily consumable form. In this way, the core statements of 25-minute videos are condensed into less than 5 minutes. This way, all important statements and information are summarised in a concise and understandable way.
And if you want, you can either go into more depth along the chapter index or watch the whole video if it's interesting.

And of course, these so-called chapter marks can also be shared with friends, who can then enter the video at a specific point.


Better SEO and more engagement through enhanced videos

For organisations that have already put a lot of effort into producing their videos, this is a great way to get their idle content out to the people. In addition, the content integrated this way is search engine optimised and thus improves the chances of being found on Google & Co.

The essentialised videos from your own YouTube or Vimeo channel can be integrated into your own website as a library with a few mouse clicks. This has the advantage that website users are no longer redirected to YouTube to get lost there. By the way, the average user spends 88% more time on websites with video content (Forbes 2018, Marketing statistics)!

The makers of DEMXCO also liked this and therefore GoEssential is now entitled for the 3rd time in a row to present the video content of the conference in digestible bites to the conference visitors on a silver platter.

Take a look at our Video Library!