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Unified Customer View

A unified Customer View is the representation of aggregated, consistent, and holistic data available to an organization about a particular customer based on a single source of truth. (Source 1)

Unified Commerce Platform 

Single platform with advanced middleware that simplifies the technology needed to sell across multiple channels.  (Source 3)


Persons who use or operate a product or service.

User Experience 

A person's entire experience using a particular product, system or service, including practical, experiential, meaningful and valuable aspects of human computer interaction and product ownership.  (Source 3)

User Interface  

Means by which a user and a computer system interact, in particular the use of input devices and software. (Source 3)

User Story 

A user story describes why and how a user interacts with services and information. It takes the form of: 

As a [role] 

I want [goal/need/desire] 

so that [benefit]. 

For example: 

As a new parent 

I want to understand childcare payments 

so that I can return to work. (Source 2)​​​​​​​

User-centered Design 

An approach to solving problems that revolves around users and their needs. It focuses on understanding users and their needs at every step of the service design process. (Source 2)

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